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Client Section

We want to call your attention to some of the features that will be available to you if you become a client of Vanden Bos & Chapman, LLP. The availability of these features may be a factor you want to consider in your search to find a bankruptcy lawyer. In our Client Section you will find the following:

  • Audio of Actual Creditor's Hearings
    In every bankruptcy, the debtor is required to attend and submit to examination by his or her bankruptcy trustee (the "creditor's meeting" or "341(a) hearing"). We find that most of our clients are understandably nervous and uncertain about what will happen at this hearing. To take the mystery out of the process, we have placed multiple audio recordings of actual hearings conducted by Oregon bankruptcy trustees in our Client Section. Once you become a client, you will be able to listen to these audio hearings in advance of your own hearing and ask your lawyer questions about what you hear. In almost every instance, you will be able to listen to actual creditor's hearings conducted by the same bankruptcy trustee who will be serving as the bankruptcy trustee in your own bankruptcy case. Many of our clients have told us how helpful it was to them to listen to the recording of their own bankruptcy trustee conducting a previous hearing to get a better understanding of what to expect at their own hearing. We are pleased to offer these recordings to help our clients prepare for their own 341(a) hearings.
  • Guidelines To A Successful Chapter 7
    Over the 30 years we have been representing clients in bankruptcy cases, we have identified certain guidelines for clients to follow to help their case go smoothly. While every case is different, these guidelines will be available to you as a client.
  • Guidelines To A Successful Chapter 13
    Again, based on 30 years of representing clients in bankruptcy cases, we have learned what makes a successful Chapter 13 and what leads to failure. We have compiled these guidelines in our Client Section so our clients can refer to them throughout the course of their Chapter 13 case.
  • A Simple Plan for Rebuilding Your Credit Rating
    Most of our clients are understandably concerned with how long it will take to reestablish their credit ratings after filing bankruptcy. The truth is that the groundwork for rebuilding your credit is best started before you file your bankruptcy. If you wait until after your case is filed, you will miss out on some of the best opportunities to set the stage for rebuilding your credit. In this plan, written by our attorneys, we provide simple, common sense, easy to follow steps for rebuilding your credit starting before you file and continuing after your discharge. Your future credit rating will have a significant impact on your financial future, affecting many things, like what you pay for automobile insurance and the interest rate on a future home loan and in some cases, even the amount you pay for rent. Planning ahead for restoring credit is often overlooked in the bankruptcy process, but at Vanden Bos & Chapman, LLP, we believe that rebuilding your credit is a significant part of the process and we help our clients toward that goal.
  • Bankruptcy Tolerant Lenders
    Many clients ask where they will be able to get loans after their bankruptcy case is filed. We have a list of local lenders in our client section who have expressed a willingness to provide loans, including home loans and car loans, despite a prior bankruptcy. Of course, each client's application is different and there may be waiting periods before the lender will agree to make the loans.